Carpet Cleaning

Caarpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

If you have odours, pet hair, stains on your carpet, you likely need to have carpet cleaning. Landlords and real estate companies will often want carpets cleaned to freshen up a property to present to new tenants. Carpet Cleaning should be considered at the same time as an Exit Clean or Deep Clean/Spring Clean.

Is it important to clean carpets?

Yes. Carpets provide appeal and warmth to a house. Your carpet is an investment in the property adding to the value and marketability of the property. Here are some reasons you should get carpets cleaned.

  1. Protect the value of your carpet. Carpets are not a cheap investment in a property. It is therefore recommended that a yearly clean be done to ensure the investment is protected.
  2. Remove bugs and insects. Carpets provide an excellent environment for bugs and insects creating a biological hazard.
  3. Remove odours. Moisture, animal hair and urine can all cause carpets to smell leaving an undesirable odour in a property.
  4. Limit mould growth. Carpets that have not been maintained properly, are likely to be mould growing underneath the underlay. This creates allergens and an unhealthy living environment.


Hot water Extraction Cleaning

Kikki’s Cleaning Services has invested in the best carpet cleaning technologies available, hot water extraction cleaning.

How does hot water extraction work?

Hot water extraction cleaning is a proven technology that sprays hot water at high temperatures to loosen up grime and other particulates deep in the carpet fabric. Once the system has loosened the contaminants, a powerful vacuum sucks up the water and the contaminants, providing a deep clean.

An eco-friendly solution to carpet cleaning.

Hot water extraction relies on the use of high-pressure hot water to agitate and loosen carpet strands releasing the contaminates. Shampoos and dry cleaning agents leave a residue and the smell can linger. Cleaning products used in hot water extraction are biodegradable and therefore less harmful.

Hot Water Extraction vs Steam Cleaning

Some people are of the opinion that steam cleaning is the same as extraction cleaning. They aren’t. Steam Cleaning is dependent on a boiler to heat the water to boiling temperature. Hot steam is then injected under pressure to clean the carpet. Whilst steam cleaning is good for removing odours and uses no chemicals, it does have drawbacks.

  • Steam cleaning is not suitable for fabrics that are made from natural fibres as the steam can shrink the fibres.
  • Hot water extraction is suitable for all carpet types.
  • Steam cleaning cannot use any cleaning agents which is why it is unable to clean the fibres as thoroughly.
  • Hot water extraction agitates the fibres releasing particulates to be sucked up by the strong vacuum pass.
  • Steam cleaning can harden and set some stains if it is unable to remove them due to no cleaning additives.
  • Hot wat extraction removes most stains and does not set stains.

Should you want to have your carpets cleaned, give Kikki’s Cleaning Services a call.

Pricing Guide.

Pricing is approximately $40 per room based on a standard room size of 3.00 x 3.2 mts.


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