Standard Clean

Residential Clean

Standard Cleans

A Standard Clean, (also called surface clean) is a regular maintenance clean that can either be a one-off clean or done on a regular basis. Kikki’s Cleaning Services offers a range of services to the residential market. These services include a standard clean, deep clean or spring clean, exit cleans, and garden maintenance. We also offer a range of extras such as fridge clean, pantry clean, and many more. You can purchase Extras time on our On-line Quoting system to have our staff do those tasks that take you time.

Today’s world is one that requires so much of our time that we barely have time to do those regular tasks such as our standard house clean. Between work, family, social obligations it often seems there is not enough time in the day. The time we do have off requires us to do regular tasks around the house such as cleaning, washing, and maintaining the garden. At Kikki’s Cleaning Services we recognize that your time is important and that services such as ours allow you to use your time doing the things you want to do.

Cleaning for the disability sector

A residential cleaning service is also important for those who have disabilities. Kikki’s Cleaning Service is an approved NDIS provider, providing services to those who cannot do their own cleaning for a number of reasons including age, physical, and/or mental impairment. Our staff is trained to work with a diverse range of clients and have police clearance and other required endorsements to work with a diverse client range.

Residential cleaning is our specialty

Kikki’s Cleaning Services specialize in residential house and apartment cleaning services. Unlike many other cleaning companies, we do not offer commercial or industrial cleaning as we focus on what we are good at. Our staff are trained specifically in residential cleaning recognizing we have a lot more interaction with our clients and how and when we clean is important to them. Often we are asked to organize additional tasks such as hanging out the laundry, folding clothes, making beds. Our versatility in providing services is part of our unique culture of care for our clients.

One home – One Cleaner

If you use Kikki’s Cleaning Services for regular cleans, we will ensure, as far as possible, that there is one cleaner allocated to your property. There may be times when another cleaner will be appointed due to staff holidays or sickness, but in general, we will ensure that the same staff member looks after your home.

With Residential Cleaning, you have the choice to use services either as a one-day clean or regular clean. Talk to us about how we can make your life easier and free up your time.

What is included in our Standard Cleaning Service?

Residential cleaning can be as diverse as our clients. Our Standard Clean also known as a Surface Clean or Maintenance Clean, is designed to provide a standard the home occupant is happy with. This can either be a one-off clean, or a regular clean depending upon the requirements of the house occupants.

Every time we do a standard clean, we’ll provide services that include the following:

  • Wet Areas (Bathrooms, Laundry, Toilets) Cobwebs dusted from ceiling and wall corners. Countertops, vanities, and sinks are cleaned and disinfected. Clean/disinfect toilet bowl/seat/stand/cistern. Shower/shower screen/bath scrubbed and cleaned. Wipe window ledges. Clean sockets and power switches. Clean sockets and power switches.
  • Sleeping Areas Cobwebs dusted from ceiling and wall corners. Dust and wipe all furniture. Clean/wipe window ledges. Dust and wipe skirting boards. Sweep and vacuum floors. Mop floors if not carpet/vacuum if carpet. Beds made and linen changed (upon request). Garbage/recycling bins emptied and, bags replaced. Clean sockets and power switches. Clean sockets and power switches.
  • Living Areas (dining rooms, living rooms) Cobwebs dusted from ceilings and wall corners. Dust and wipe all furniture. Clean and wipe all wall switches and power sockets. Mop floors if not carpet/Vacuum if carpet. Clean sockets and power switches.
  • Kitchen Cobwebs dusted from ceiling and wall corners. Countertops are cleaned and disinfected.  Outside of range hood cleaned. Top and front of range hood cleaned. Drip pans/glass top surfaces are wiped. Sinks cleaned and chrome shined. Fronts of all appliances cleaned. Splashback cleaned from general grease/dirt. Clean and wipe all wall switches and power sockets. Vacuum and mop floor.


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